Where does your interest in nickel come from?

“We started being interested in nickel allergy when it became a family concern” says Anna Cirigliano, FruitHydroSinni’s Ceo.
Hydroponics and the support of specialized studies provided us a solution to eliminate nickel, histamine and all heavy metals. Unlike other companies that produce and sell nickel free products in Italy, FruitHydroSinni guarantees nickel and histamine free fruits and vegetables that are certified at European level.
Our products are rigorously guaranteed by the trademark Stop Nichel®, Stop Istamina®, Coltura in Idroponica®, Nichel Free®, Istamina Free® and our food is cultivated without the need for external nutrients and active substances.
We started selling online nickel and histamine free fruits, vegetables and preserves (like tomato sauce and jam) to enable allergic and intolerant people eating a healthy and balanced diet and detoxing from nickel, histamine and heavy metals.
Anna Cirigliano
Ivan Santarcangelo
Head of production
Vanessa Cirigliano
Marketing Manager
Francesca Cirigliano
Shipping Manager
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