Why this attention to nickel?

“It all started with a family matter, when my mother was diagnosed with a strong allergy to nickel” says Anna Cirigliano, Fruithydrosinni’s CEO. Hydroponic cultivation, along with the support of specialized studies, allowed us to find an effective solution, not only to eliminate nickel and histamine, but all the other heavy metals. There are other companies in Italy selling or producing goods without nickel, but with Fruithydrosinni we can guarantee the European certification of fruit and vegetables without nickel and histamine. Our production is strictly guaranteed by the brands Stop Nichel®, Stop Istamina®, Coltura in Idroponica®, Nichel Free®, Istamina Free® and our food is cultivated through schemes that strongly reduce the use of external nutrients and active ingredients. We’ve started the online sale of fruit, vegetables, preserves (such as tomato sauce and marmalade), without nickel and histamine, to allow people with food allergies to go back to an healthy and balanced diet and to those with food intolerances to detox from nickel, histamine and heavy metals.
Anna Cirigliano
Ivan Santarcangelo
Head of production
Vanessa Cirigliano
Marketing Manager
Francesca Cirigliano
Shipping Manager
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