Passion and Innovation:

In Europe, we are one of the main players in the agri-food sector regarding heavy metals, nickel and histamine intolerances and allergies.
Certificates of quality permit the consumers to identify agri-food products of special value.
Here are the marks on the market:
Nickel free: agri-food products containing a lower value than the acceptable nickel free threshold.
Histamine free: besides humans, histamine can be produced by other more or less complex organisms through decarboxylation of free amino acids and by the presence of certain micro-organisms. FruitHydroSinni’s products have a histamine free certificate.
Stop Nickel: tested foods in which their ratio is not detected: no nickel.
Stop histamine: tested foods in which their ratio is not detected: no histamine.
Hydroponic cultivation: new cultivation (soilless, hydroponic, aquaculture and aeroponics all characterized by the absence of soil).

“FruitHydroSinni tomato by hydroponics is nickel and histamine free (Stop Nichel®, Stop Istamina®, Coltura in Idroponica®, Nichel Free®, Istamina Free®) and is cultivated without the need for external nutrients and active substances.

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