What makes us different from the other hydroponic companies?

Our NFT (Nutrient Film Technique) and aeroponic implants use specific nutritive solutions and a close- loop system. There are two ways to cultivate plants with the hydroponic method:
  • Water culture, in which the roots are immersed in a water solution.
  • Soilless culture, based on a inert substrate.
In both the methods, balancing water, nutrients and oxygen is fundamental to optimize production and quality. Hydroponic agriculture is, indeed, an eco- compatible cultivation technique. It doesn’t involve geosterilization and, in our case, what makes us different from the other Italian hydroponic companies is the close- loop (of nutritive solution), which allows an incredible decrease in the use of water and fertilizers. Our sensitivity towards the environment results in the quality of the agricultural and horticultural production. The safety and healthiness of the food and the freshness, flavour and taste of fruit and vegetables branded FruitHydroSinni.

“The plants are placed in the system easily, by placing them on a sort of ramp on which continuously flows a rivulet of nutritive solution. Therefore, the benefits of hydroponic agriculture, that aims to eliminate this pre- condition, causing the lowering of the quantity of nickel and histamine in the plants, allow to consume fruit, vegetables and cereals, cleaned up from the allergen at issue. Among the advantages: standardization of the production, better control of the root environment, effective use of fertilizers and better management of the plant’s nutrition.”

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