What makes our company distinctive?

Our NFT (Nutrient Film Technique) and aeroponics systems use specific nutrient solutions and a closed system.
Soilless is irrigated with drop by drop method.
There are two system to cultivate vegetables with hydroponics:
  • Water culture, in which the roots are immersed in a water solution.
  • Soilless culture, based on a inert substrate.
In both methods is essential to balance water, nutrients and oxygen, in order to optimize production and quality.
Hydroponics is indeed an environmentally friendly cultivation technique, it doesn’t need sterilization. The closed-loop system (of nutrient solutions), which significantly reduce the use of water and fertilizer, differentiates us from the other hydroponic companies in Italy.
Our awareness of environment results in agricultural production quality, food safety and freshness, fruits and vegetables taste and flavor under the trademark FruitHydroSinni.

“In the system, plants are supported on a kind of slipway on which constantly flows a nutrient solutions rivulet. Hydroponic aims therefore to eliminate this precondition producing a reduction in nickel and histamine amount present in plants, so that fruits, vegetables and cereals can be eaten without that allergen. Other advantages: production standardization, better control of the root system, efficient use of fertilizers and better management of the plant nutrition”

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