Experimentation to fight food allergies.

Our supply chain undergoes constant controls to ensure the quality of our commercialised products. The food produced into water through the soilless hydroponic cultivation techniques, by FruitHydroSinni, contribute to the wellbeing of those who suffer from nickel and histamine allergies or intolerances. We make sure we cultivate and offer to the final consumer, high quality and fresh fruit and vegetables without histamine and nickel. Our product of excellence is the tomato without histamine and nickel- cultivated with modern technologies- to which we dedicate accurate controls in all the phases of its growth, harvest by hand and to the final transformation for the preserves. In fact, the tomato sauce without nickel and istamine is processed using pots and equipment nickel free certified.

Dr. Mango – Pediatrician

“It’s a great product for those suffering from gastritis, reflux and atopy. Thanks to its high digestibility, it is recommended for weaning of babies from the 9th month on. Moreover, it is highly indicated for children diets, to limit the accumulation of heavy metals.”

Dott. Mango - Pediatra

“We are reinventing the countryside with great enthusiasm. The best agricultural tradition of our land, the Metapontino area, combines with new production techniques, respecting the environment and ensuring unique products for the consumers. We think, for example, of those who had to do without tomato because of nickel and histamine allergies. Now it’s not like that anymore! Feeling useful for others increases the value of our efforts”.

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