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Beautiful to look at, really tasty. The strawberry contains nutritive elements, organic acids and antioxidant flavonoids, calcium and magnesium, vitamin C and diuretic potassium. FruitHydroSinni produces nickel free and histamine free strawberries. This fruit is recommended for its benefits, namely the presence of antioxidants that help to lose weight, fighting the inflammation of some hormones and stimulating the weight loss. Moreover, these antioxidants stimulate the metabolism. The nickel free and istamina free by FruitHydroSinni are free of all the other heavy metals. You can also use them to cook. From sweet to savoury, to prepare a pie filled with strawberry preserve, or a risotto, in other words, there are so many recipes! The strawberry produced in Basilicata has by now gained a very important role in the fruit and vegetables universe, thanks to the ability of the producers and to the unique climatic standards of the Metapontino plain area. It is undoubtedly among the most demanded cultures thanks to the peculiar taste and the nutritional qualities: low in calories but at the same time able to seduce your palate with its persistent taste.
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